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About Unicorn Arctic Consultancy


My name is Captain Maiwenn Beadle. I grew up near Reading in England, but I have dual UK-US citizenship and have spent my life travelling the globe.

In my 20's I hitched a lift on board a yacht in the Pacific and was told that I would either never sail again or I would sail for the rest of my life. It turned out that I would work my way up from stew, through chef to yacht captain and eventually become the first woman to captain a superyacht through the Northwest Passage. You can read more bout the story in my blog: 'The Accidental Ice Queen'.

Along the way I've learned to navigate in ice and to find wildlife, like polar bears and narwhals (or 'sea unicorns'). That range of experience is now available to help you find your unicorns by contacting me using the form below.

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