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Talk at Antigua Yacht Club.

Here I am sitting on my tropical island editing slides for my talk and dreaming of ice.

Back by popular demand.

A number of people who missed my first talks have asked me to redo, so I have arraged the Yacht Club Events Room at 6pm Thursday the 16th.

I don't expect as high demand this time, but just incase its a good idea to send me a PM or whatsap to ensure you get a seat.

Do Not Go Beyond this Point

I have never yet met a sign like this that didn't make me want to go past this point. Maybe I see it as a challenge.

On Thursday March 16th at 1800 I will be giving a talk in the Commodores Room at the Antigua Yacht Club about the ultimate road not to go down, which of course I went down.

The Northwest Passage. The ultimate icy challenge that has historically defeated many who have tried. 4500 NM of ice, fog and peril.

If you would like to attend this talk please message me to reserve a place

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