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If you are interested in the Arctic I have a couple of events in Antigua coming up.

On Thursday 11th Jan at 1830 at Antigua Yacht Club I will be giving a talk on my expedition to The Ice At The End of the World at 80N in Nares Strait. This is a talk I gave at the Arctic Club in London, and covers an incredible exploration of North Greenland, and our pilgrimage to Etah once the most northerly inhabited place in the world and jumping off point for many Arctic Expeditions. These talks normally fill up so please send me a DM to reserve a seat.

I will also in the upcoming weeks be planning a seminar for Captains and Navigating officers on navigating in the High Arctic, that will cover some of the techniques for driving in areas with ice, without charts and beyond the reaches of assistance that I have found invaluable during my northern expeditions. I will discuss my experiences and we will dig into some of the ways I have found to create an amazing guest experience and find wildlife while keeping safe. To register interest please send a DM.

You can find a bit more about me here

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